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Brief Analysis of DC Resistance Quick Tester

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DC resistance can be summarized by a quick tester

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

The DC resistance test of the transformer winding is an indispensable test item after the transformer has been handed over, overhauled, and changed the tap changer. Under normal circumstances, the DC resistance and high power measured by conventional methods (voltage drop method and bridge method) The transformer winding inductance component is a time-intensive work. In order to change this development situation, shorten the measurement time management and reduce the work and study burden of the test technicians, Huatian Power has developed a DC resistance tester (hereinafter referred to as a direct resistance tester) ), the power supply adopts new technology, which has stable performance, rapid measurement, small size, convenient use, high accuracy, and good data characteristics reproducibility. It is the ideal education for measuring the design of transformer windings and the use of high-power inductive equipment DC resistance equipment.


The DC input resistance can be quickly tested. The instrument is a high-precision replacement and product that replaces the traditional DC single and double-arm bridges. The instrument uses advanced switching power supply technology, which is one or two hundred times higher than the bridge. The display part is displayed by the LCD four and a half The measurement result obtained by displaying the half of the test current value at the ambient temperature or LCD quickly overcomes the shortcomings of other similar products inconvenient to read the LED display value in the sun. With the automatic arc function, the development of this instrument has fast speed and accuracy High, intuitive display, strong anti-interference ability, small size, power consumption, test system data is safe, stable and reliable, and is not affected by human factors analysis. The instrument has a built-in rechargeable battery (12V), AC and DC, and It is convenient for field test.

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