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Megohmmeter test

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The megohmmeter test or insulation resistance pass test is a method that can be analyzed and tested using different insulation tester resistance meters. This meter will help us verify the electrical insulation status.

The megohmmeter insulation test is a DC voltage test that uses 250V DC, 500Vdc at 1,000VDC (low voltage device) or <600V, 2,500VDC and 5,000Vdc (high voltage equipment) to measure kΩ, MΩ or GΩ insulation resistance. It is intended to represent the measured resistance or insulation dielectric condition between two conductive parts, where the higher resistance, better insulation conditions, ideally, the insulation resistance should be infinite, but since the enterprise does not Conducting perfect insulators, so the leakage current that can pass through the dielectric will ensure that the resistance value measured by the project is limited (although it has a higher value).

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Why test megohmmeters?

The quality of the insulation resistance electrical system may decrease with time and environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, moisture, and dust particles). Due to the existence of electrical and mechanical stress in the enterprise, it will also be affected by negative social factors, so it is very necessary for us to regularly check the IR (insulation resistance) of technical equipment to avoid the risk of fatal or electric shock.

Another situation is that if your house has just started a fire, we need to start the reconstruction process. The company tells you that the local jurisdiction or the insurance company itself needs an "insulation test" to verify your home wiring system. Completeness.

The megohmmeter test will not develop without any damage, so when someone does not want to punch holes in the wall to test whether electrical insulation can exist. For any social problem, the megohmmeter test is a very good choice, the test equipment can only be 500 000 volts, which is relatively low between work. Due to the low voltage, some of the insulation can break down unstudied, and it usually provides information about whether the leakage current and moisture and dust or moisture, as well as the degradation of the windings are excessive in the degraded insulation area.

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