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Oil immersion test transformer leakage test

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Operation steps of oil immersion test transformer leakage test:

1. Before testing, check whether the tested product is powered off, grounded and discharged, and whether all external connections are wiped clean. It is necessary to strictly prevent the test voltage from being added to the work site.

2. After connecting the wiring of the test device, pressurize it only after reviewing it correctly. Special attention should be paid to check the high-voltage equipment and leads and the ground, and the safe distance between the operator and the staff, whether the shell of the tested product is reliably grounded, and the test should be carried out according to the content specified in the safety regulations.

Hipot Test Set.png

3. For large-capacity equipment, the voltage should be gradually increased to prevent the charging current of the tested product from burning out the micro-ampere meter. If necessary, it should be pressurized step by step, and read the stable readings of the micro-amp meter at each voltage level.

4. During the test, the test article, test device, and micro-ammeter should be closely monitored. Once abnormal phenomena such as breakdown and flicker occur, the voltage should be immediately reduced, the power supply should be cut off, and the cause should be identified and recorded in detail.

5. After the test is completed, the voltage is lowered, and the test article and the test device itself should be fully discharged after the power is cut off.

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