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How to use the withstand voltage tester safely?

time:2020/7/14   source:华天电力  reading:896 time

Although it is a trustworthy tester that is currently worthy of trust, it may cause some danger to the operator due to problems of some operators themselves or external influences during operation, so no matter whether it is a professional manufacturer of pressure testers. Or related companies that use pressure testers should avoid such dangers as much as possible, so how should these potential risks be reduced?

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In general, many mid-to-high-end withstand voltage testers are embedded with an intelligent anti-high voltage electric shock system during design. This system is also referred to as Smart GFI, which can be detected based on the current use status of the model. If problems such as electric shock and leakage occur, a qualified withstand voltage tester will automatically cut off the high-voltage output within one millisecond to ensure the safety of the operator. Therefore, under the same working conditions, a qualified withstand voltage tester only needs to operate If there are not too many mistakes made by the personnel, there will be little risk of operator shock.

In order to protect consumers and operators, manufacturers specializing in the production of withstand voltage testers need to complete several types of safety tests when they complete the production of Yang’s equipment to ensure that the products comply with the industry’s structure, performance, and process specifications. standard. This includes voltage test, insulation test, etc. It is best to carry out relevant tests before the manufacturer installs the parts, mainly to prevent unqualified components from being installed in the product, causing potential risks. For now, A qualified manufacturer, its production and testing processes must be strictly in accordance with ISO international standards, and the final product must also meet the ISO international certification standards, that is, from parts to finished products must meet the international ISO certification quality standards, Only in this way can potential risks be better eliminated. Of course, companies using related equipment should also regularly organize operation staff for training. Newcomers must operate under the supervision of experienced old employees, so as to completely avoid the dangers caused by operational errors.

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