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Precautions for three loop resistance tester

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HTZZ-S20A three-circuit transformer DC resistance tester (hereinafter referred to as direct resistance instrument) is the latest generation of transformer DC resistance measurement, which is optimized for measuring the DC resistance of three-phase windings of large-capacity transformers. The three-phase winding DC resistance of the transformer can be tested simultaneously. For the on-load voltage-regulating transformer, the tap changer can be adjusted directly without discharging. The measurement time is one-third of the traditional single-phase measurement, which can greatly shorten the working time and labor intensity. The direct resistance meter adopts a large-screen LCD display, a full Chinese graphical interface, clear and intuitive, and the operation is very simple. And equipped with a panel printer and large-capacity non-volatile memory, you can easily store and print measurement results. The test data is stable, fast, and repeatable, and is the best choice for on-site measurement of transformer DC resistance.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

Note for three-circuit transformer DC resistance tester

1. When measuring the no-load voltage-regulating transformer, you must exit the discharge before switching the tap changer. You can switch the tap changer only after the discharge indication ends.

2. It is not allowed to disassemble the wiring during the measurement.

3. If the charging progress bar and current display value stagnate for a long time, the measured winding resistance may exceed the current current measurement range, and the current may not reach the preset value. At this time, you can press the "Exit" button to return, re-select the current and try again.

4. When replacing the fuse and accessories, please use the same model as this instrument.

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