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How to distinguish test transformer

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There are five types of test transformers according to medium or structure: oil-immersed test transformer, gas-filled test transformer, dry test transformer, insulated barrel test transformer and series high-voltage test transformer, of which the first three are the most popular on the market The mainstream is also the most widely used product.

The test transformer is an indispensable test equipment used in the withstand voltage test by scientific research units such as power plants, power supply bureaus, etc. It is used to test the insulation strength of various electrical products to avoid inestimable in the process of power transmission Property loss even endangers personal safety. The test transformer is mainly composed of ferrosilicon sheets, high-voltage bushings, insulating materials, electrical components and other components, of which the quality of ferrosilicon sheets, high-voltage bushings, insulating materials and electrical components is from a great extent It determines the quality of the test transformer.

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In the components of the test transformer, the ferrosilicon sheet is best to choose high-silicon non-oriented ferrosilicon sheet. The high-voltage bushing includes nylon, epoxy resin and silicone rubber. Among them, the quality of the silicone rubber material is the best, and part of the production In order to maximize profits, manufacturers use inferior materials in materials and cut corners, often resulting in greatly shortened service life of test transformers, and even more inaccurate test results, jeopardizing the safety of electricians.

How to check the quality of the test transformer at the time of purchase?

1. In the field inspection of the manufacturer, you can ask the manufacturer to check their materials and semi-finished products, etc., or open the test transformer specified by you. If the manufacturer refuses or shirks, it is likely to use inferior materials. So far, Wuhan Huatian Power has Welcome a large number of customers from all over the world to visit the company in person. We never use inferior materials to harm our customers.

2. You can shake the high-voltage test transformer repeatedly, then open the oil valve, pour out part of the transformer oil to see if it is turbid or turns red, if there is, it proves the use of waste ferrosilicon chips. This is because rust is often attached to the waste ferrosilicon sheet, which is difficult to remove. The rust on the iron core may be scattered in the transformer oil, which will cause this phenomenon.

3. The power-on test, if the no-load current is not qualified, there are problems in the materials used and the manufacturing process.

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