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Switchgear partial discharge detection method

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Partial discharge analysis technology Specifically, commonly used partial discharge analysis technologies include the following:

First, the horizontal analysis method, which is to make a horizontal comparison of the test results of the switchgear in the same switch room. If the test result of one of the switchgears is greater than the field background value and the test results of other switchgears, you can determine that the device may Flawed.

Second, the trend analysis method analyzes the test results of the same switchgear at different times, and makes a longitudinal comparison to determine the operation trend of the switchgear. The switch cabinet in the switch room is detected according to a specific period, and each test result is retained, and then the trend of partial discharge state changes of the device can be analyzed according to the test result.

Third, threshold comparison, that is, to provide a judgment threshold, compare it with the test results of the switchgear, and analyze the results to determine the operating state of the switchgear.

Partial discharges exhibit certain complexity. Generally, partial discharges are prone to occur in places where the breakdown field strength inside the insulation is relatively low, and the electric field distribution inside the insulating medium and the electrical properties of the insulation play a decisive role in the conditions under which partial discharges occur. . In the actual detection process, it is necessary to select a reasonable and applicable detection method and analysis method to eliminate the fault in time and ensure that the switchgear is in a good operating state.

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