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Usage of clamp type earth resistance tester

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There are many ways to use the clamp-type grounding resistance tester. How to use the clamp-type grounding resistance tester correctly? Use the instrument to measure its resistance and compare it with the original data. The grounding resistance tester is a commonly used instrument for checking and measuring grounding resistance, and is also an indispensable tool for electrical safety inspection and grounding engineering completion acceptance. At present, the advanced grounding resistance tester can meet all grounding measurement requirements. Because of its measurement function, the grounding resistance tester also penetrates a large number of microprocessor technologies, and the deviation proves that the equipment is qualified within the specified range. The content and accuracy cannot be compared with ordinary instruments. During the operation check, measure and record its resistance with a grounding resistance tester. Seal the standard resistor. The clamp-type grounding resistance tester is used to measure the grounding resistance of any loop system. In recent years, due to the rapid development of computer technology, the instrument itself can generate a power supply potential.

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