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Dc high voltage generator operating instructions

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Dc high voltage generator is an instrument providing high voltage DC source. The instrument must be reliably grounded before use. The staff using THE DC high voltage generator must be professionals with "high voltage test license". To use THE DC high voltage generator, the user must follow the provisions of the "Safe Working Rules for Power" and install two obvious disconnection points before the working power enters the tester. When replacing test items and wiring, the two power supply disconnection points should be obviously disconnected first, and at the same time, the site must ensure at least three workers, so as to effectively guarantee the safety of users.

The indicator light, switch, watch head and knob on the host machine are clearly marked. Please refer to the function instructions on the host machine panel when reading the operation manual.

The four-core navigation socket on the side of the base of the doubling drum is a special socket for connecting the main machine, and the ground terminals on the side are for connecting the ground wire.

The attached high-voltage shielded ammeter is the digital display microammeter. The jack on the top of the meter is the wire jack connecting to the subject, and also ACTS as the power control switch. Please unplug it when not in use. When replacing the battery, please remove the screws at both ends of the watch head and remove the back cover. After replacing the battery, please tighten the back cover with screws.

DC Hipot Tester.png

Preparation before use of DC high voltage generator:

Step 1: Check the integrity of the instrument before use. There should be no open circuit or short circuit in each connecting wire, and no rupture of the equipment.

Step 2: Place the main machine and the doubling cylinder in an appropriate position, and connect the power line, the special four-core connection line and the ground wire respectively. The grounding wire of the main engine, the voltage doubling cylinder and the grounding wire of the discharge rod should be connected to the ground wire of the tested product separately (i.e., one point grounding). It is strictly prohibited to connect grounding wires in series. Special grounding wires equipped with instruments should be used.

Step 3: Put the power switch on the off position and rotate the voltage regulating potentiometer counterclockwise to zero. The setting value of overvoltage protection is generally 1.1 times of the test voltage.

Step 4: Before opening the power switch on the control box panel, make sure that the DC high-voltage generator is connected to 220V AC power, carefully check whether the wiring is correct, and also check whether the grounding wire of the high-voltage discharge rod is reliable.

No-load boost test and verify voltage protection setting value:

Step 1: Connect the single-phase AC220V power supply, switch on the power switch, then the red light is on, indicating that the power is on.

Step 2: Press the green button, then the green light, indicating that the high voltage is on.

Step 3: gently clockwise to adjust the voltage to adjust potentiometer, outputs the booster from scratch, host voltmeter display value for the voltage rise, slow booster to near overvoltage protection setting value, record the voltmeter reading, records and verify that value is for the set values for the voltage of 1.1 times, and check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon on the host and the high voltage output line and noise.

Step 4: Step-down. After the potentiometer is returned to zero, press the red button to cut off the high-voltage output and turn off the power switch.

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