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Dc resistance tester for three-loop transformer

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Three-loop transformer DC resistance tester (hereinafter referred to as direct resistance tester) is the latest generation of transformer DC resistance measurement products, is designed for the measurement of large capacity transformer three-phase winding DC resistance and optimized. The dc resistance of three-phase winding of transformer can be tested simultaneously. The on-load voltage regulating transformer can be adjusted directly without discharging, and the measuring time is one third of the traditional single-phase measurement, which can greatly reduce the working time and labor intensity. The direct resistance meter adopts large LCD display, Chinese graphic interface, clear and intuitive, easy to operate. It is also equipped with a panel printer and a large capacity non-volatile memory, which can conveniently store and print the measurement results. The test data is stable, fast and repeatable, which is the best choice for field measurement of dc resistance of transformer.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester

Notes for dc resistance tester for three-loop transformer

1. When measuring the no-load voltage regulating transformer, it is necessary to exit the discharge before switching the tap switch, and the tap switch can be switched after the discharge indication is over

2. Disconnection of wiring is not allowed during measurement.

3. If the charging progress bar and current display value remain stagnant for a long time, the measured winding resistance may exceed the current measurement range, and the current cannot reach the preset value. At this point, you can press the "exit" key to return, select the current and try again.

4. When replacing the fuse and fittings, please use the same model as this instrument.

Analysis and troubleshooting of dc resistance tester for three-loop transformer

Failure phenomenon: no display when starting

Reason analysis: 1) The power is not connected. If the power is switched on, replace the fuse with the same type. The fuse cannot be replaced with another type.

1) Instrument 10A insurance pipe is not installed or cut off. Reinstall or replace the insurance pipe

Failure phenomenon: No current output

Reason analysis: 1) Open circuit inspection of equipment to be inspected; equipment inspection and troubleshooting

2) Test circuit has open circuit fault inspection test circuit checks the test circuit and eliminates open circuit faults

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