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Key points of pd detection technology

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We from "partial discharge detection technology points which several parts?" This is a common problem for power practitioners to talk about how people think about the power industry.

What is partial discharge?

The principle of partial discharge is that the strength of the power plant inside or on the surface of the medium is too high. Specifically said is: when the external voltage in the electrical equipment generated by the field intensity, enough to make the insulation part of the area of discharge, but in the discharge area did not form a fixed discharge channel of this discharge phenomenon, known as partial discharge. If the power industry encounters a partial discharge this shows up. That means first, the pd is the local overheating of electrical components and mechanical components of the aging of the next, the pd trend is the local discharge with time rising index. To sum up, the cause of partial discharge is often responsible for the unpredictable losses of power enterprises. Then if the power enterprise in the generation process, how to avoid pd; Thus ensuring the normal operation of equipment and personnel safety becomes the top priority. Ok, now that you understand what causes partial discharges, let's talk about how do we deal with partial discharges?

What should be done when partial discharge occurs?

Before talking about the countermeasures, let's look at the main factors of partial discharge. Generally speaking, there are three factors in it; Including but not limited to the following points, the first is running over voltage; Secondly, lightning shock wave; Finally, the harmonic distortion. So what are the reasons for the electrical equipment itself? The first point is that the insulation material is not uniform, and there are holes and impurities in the interior. Problems with the surface of the conductor itself; And, most commonly, inadequate insulation. The most common environmental causes include dampness and overheating.

Understand the reasons of partial discharge, considering the comprehensive influence of equipment and environment. The common solution is to transformer transformer partial discharge is a common type of fault, is refers to under the condition of high voltage, transformer clearance, conductor, the edge of the oil film appear throughout the discharge, due to the accumulation effects with transformer partial discharge, transformer components ageing, influence the stable work and the normal state of transformer is important to the fault type. In the trend of power development, transformers are gradually expanding with the construction of power network, and the problems of transformers will affect the operation of power network and the stability of power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly understand and scientifically measure the partial discharge of transformers, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the partial discharge of transformers. Today, transformer partial discharge measurement techniques have the bigger progress, measuring technology and measuring methods of various kinds are springing up constantly, we should to comb of transformer partial discharge measurement technology, explore out the basic points of transformer partial discharge measurement, in combination with power transformer under the premise of installation and maintenance, to form the actual transformer partial discharge measurement techniques and methods. In specific transformer partial discharge measurement and control work to according to the reality of the transformer installation and maintenance, based on analyzing the causes of transformer partial discharge, the specification of transformer partial discharge measurement technology application methods and procedures, strengthening the technical key points of this transformer partial discharge measurement, and according to the actual conditions of power and transformer works and actual situation, looking for interference and inhibition of transformer partial discharge of measures and method, for counterparts in the transformer partial discharge measurement and interfere with work plays a role of reference and reference.

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