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The role of DC high voltage generator

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Dc high voltage generator is mainly used to study the insulation strength of DC fine current and converter station equipment and insulation materials under DC high voltage, dc FAULT line corona and ion current and their effects, as well as the leakage current test of AC and DC power equipment. In addition, the DC high voltage generator can also be used as the power supply for other high voltage test equipment such as impulse voltage generator, impulse current generator and oscillation circuit. Dc high voltage generators are used in other scientific and technological fields, such as physics (accelerators, electron microscopes, etc.), electronic medical devices (X-rays), and industrial applications.

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Function and characteristics of DC high voltage generator

(1) HIGH precision dc high voltage generator, accurate measurement. The voltmeter on the control box directly displays the voltage value added to the load test, so there is no need to add voltage divider when using, and the connection is simple. Dc high voltage generator with high and low voltage end measuring leakage current, high voltage end using circular shield digital meter display, not afraid of discharge impact, good anti-interference performance, suitable for field use.

(2) Dc high voltage generator voltage regulation stability is high, the full range of smooth voltage regulation, the output voltage regulation adopts the import of a single multi-turn potentiometer, the boost process is stable, high precision regulation.

(3) DC high voltage generator with negative polarity output, zero start, continuously adjustable, over voltage, over current, zero return, ground protection, special disconnect protection and other protection functions. The automatic protection circuit has strong function, perfect and reliable protection, making the operation safe.

(4) THE DC high-voltage generator is manufactured with the most advanced technology and process, and takes the lead in the application of if voltage doubling circuit, the latest PWM high-frequency pulse width modulation technology and high-power IGBT devices, so as to make the output high-voltage stability higher and ripple coefficient smaller.

5) The function of 0.75UDC1mA is added to the DC high voltage generator, which brings great convenience for zinc oxide arrester measurement.

(6) Overvoltage setting adopts digital dial code switch, which can visually display the setting voltage value, and the display value unit is kV, so it is clear at a glance.

(7) Special sensors are used for fault sampling of DC high-voltage generator. The operation time is nanosecond and the optical isolation element is nanosecond, which can quickly and completely shut off the DC main loop, thus protecting the instrument from damage to the maximum extent.

(8) The pressure doubling cylinder of DC high voltage generator is made of new materials, light and strong. The bottom is provided with three built-in support feet, which increases the stability of the pressure doubling cylinder. Appearance coated with special insulating materials, good electrical properties, moisture resistance.

9) The case of DC high voltage generator is made of aluminum alloy, which is small in size, lighter in weight, more beautiful, more reliable, simple in operation, complete in function and convenient for field use.

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