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How to choose insulation resistance tester?

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Choosing the right insulation resistance tester for a job can be a little overwhelming. There are so many models on the market, how do you choose the right one?

To determine which tester is right for your application, it is important to understand why this type of testing is critical.

First, we must check whether the insulation is good or not. Good insulation, high resistance, and poor insulation, relatively low resistance. Electric wires are insulated with resistance sheaths to control the conductivity of copper or aluminum wires. Although the wire is insulated, some current is leaking out. Inadequate insulation can lead to electrical escape, which in turn can cause damage to circuits and machinery.

By testing insulation regularly, problems can be identified and resolved before accidents or equipment failures occur. Which brings us to the question, how do you decide which testers are right for your job?

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Logic tells you that you should choose a tester based on the specific requirements of your application. This is not necessarily the case. Choosing the right tester is more based on the specification than the application. The voltage or voltage required to perform the test, as well as the measured current, are usually the first considerations when selecting the right unit for you; However, power can be a driver, depending on experience, personal preferences, and work-related environments, such as the one you will be working in. Other criteria to consider include user preferences and prices.

Let's take a closer look at the voltage requirements. The output voltage applied to the equipment shall be based on the manufacturer's recommended DC insulation resistance test voltage.

Measuring current is another consideration. Do you measure leakage current or polarization current? Using insulation tester can find the leakage current and provide you with information to calculate the amount of contamination in the insulation. You can get the leakage current by point reading. Simply apply the test voltage to the element under test and take a resistance reading after 60 seconds. This is an industry standard to determine leakage current through insulation.

To find the polarization current, the insulation resistance tester must run for a longer time (about 10 minutes) because this type of current takes longer to accumulate. The user reads once in a minute, then reads again in ten minutes. This will provide a polarization index. This type of testing should be done monthly as part of routine maintenance. The latest results should always be compared with the previous month's results.

Your level of personal experience with insulation testers is also a major factor when selecting the right tester for you. If you have extensive experience and a strong grasp of interpreting, then any tester may be suitable for you, depending on your application and environment. For those with less experience, use of simplicity and limited functionality, as well as some on-the-job training in insulation resistance testing, is recommended.

The environment is also key to determining what type of tester to purchase. Is it used inside or outside? Is it used in industrial factories or shops? Whether it is used for troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, or both all of these factors will determine the size and type of tester you will use.

Once you have identified the main considerations, your tester area can be further narrowed or narrowed depending on the price point you need to meet.

After considering some principles, specific patterns can be selected largely based on preferences. Other considerations include analog and digital, computer capabilities and automated testing.

No matter what your test goal is, there is a good insulation tester for you.

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