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Operation flow of DC high voltage generator

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Dc high voltage generator plays a role of safety protection in the field of power devices. It is specially used to detect the electrical insulation strength and leakage current of power devices. In order to understand the insulation protection of related equipment, it is necessary to carry out the dc high voltage generator withstand test. What are the steps in the test? Huatian Power will share the description for you.

Before the load test, the DC high-voltage generator shall be equipped with a high-voltage shielded microammeter at the high-voltage output end of the voltage beater, and the corresponding special high-voltage line shall be connected to the test product and the microammeter respectively.

2. Check the test product, DC high-voltage generator, voltage doubling cylinder, discharge rod, ground wire and test product connection line to ensure correctness, check whether the ground wire is accurately connected, check whether the high voltage safety distance is within the standard range and ensure it is correct. Only then can the high pressure tests be officially launched.

DC Hipot Tester.png

Iii. Check and confirm the test products, DC high-voltage generator and other instruments. Press the single-phase AC 220V power switch and the green light indicates that the power is on.

4. Press the red button and the red light is on, indicating that the high pressure is on. Wait for the high pressure value to rise.

5. When adjusting the piezoelectric locator, it moves smoothly in a clockwise direction. The output value starts from zero and continues to rise. The speed is suitable for 3-5kV per second. For large capacitance test products, the boost speed should be slow, otherwise it is easy to cause voltage overshoot. At the same time, the ammeter should be closely observed to ensure that the charging current does not exceed the maximum charging current of the DC high-voltage generator. When the current or voltage rises to the target value, voltmeter and ammeter values should be timely recorded according to the specified time.

6. At the end of the test, the test object will buck, the voltage regulator will reset to zero, and then press the green button, indicating that the high voltage has been cut off and the power switch is off.

7. After completing the withstand voltage test of THE DC high-voltage generator, the discharge rod should be used to discharge the test items several times. When the discharge is complete, access to subsequent operations is available to ensure safety.

Dc high voltage generator plays an important role in the field of power devices, is an essential device. This paper introduces the correct procedure of dc high voltage generator withstand voltage test. There are certain risks associated with instruments requiring boot tests. If the operation is wrong, it may even pose a threat to life. It is necessary to know the correct operation procedure of dc high voltage generator withstand test.

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