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Relay protection tester enhanced maintenance

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For the relay protection tester, you need to spend more time to read the "instructions" before use, so as to prevent errors in the work, especially when the relay protection tester is in the state of power supply, because the consequences of a high-voltage power leakage is unimaginable. As long as the user operates correctly according to the instructions of relay protection tester, accidents can be avoided directly and work efficiency can be improved.

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For the high precision relay protection tester, the most terrible thing is that it is easy to break down. For a penny, you must choose a moderate price in the purchase process. Relay protection tester too low. Product performance is often not in line with the user's measurement standards, the price is too high and very worried about being cheated, our proposal is to see a few relay protection tester manufacturers, and then the cost performance, function one by one, to see which has an advantage, one by one. But the key is to pay attention to the operational process and stability advantages. At present, relay protection tester on the market is relatively simple to use, there are generally detailed instructions and video tutorials. Then pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of relay protection tester. Even if it is the most advanced and cost-effective electrical testing instrument, it will shorten its service life. After all, most of them are in bad circumstances. Work in the middle, so you must pay attention to the protection of the relay protection tester. Once the fault occurs, it will directly affect the operation of relay protection tester. While there are many ideas for maintenance, it is also an indispensable task.

In the basic nature, according to the manual operation, the relay protection tester can effectively judge whether the operation effect is normal, but also can better improve the operation stability.

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