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Features of DC high voltage generator

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The main features of portable light DC high voltage generator are as follows:

1. Dc high-voltage generator is the first in the industry to adopt segmenting structure, that is, it can be used for both high voltage class and low voltage class, and keep its accuracy unchanged. Since it was put on the market, the vacuum oil filter has been welcomed by the power plant, metallurgy and other industries. In the case of serious oil emulsification, it can complete three times of dehydration, degidation, and its efficiency is 3-4 times that of the same type in China. Take 100/200kV/2mA divided into two sections as an example. 100kV/4mA can be used in a single section, and it can be used in DC high-voltage test of electrical equipment in 35kV and below systems. In this case, the accuracy of measurement can be guaranteed and the trolley car can be avoided. It can be used for 200kV/2mA for two sections. It can be used for DC test of zinc oxide arrester for 220kV sub section, 110kV and below and DC withstand voltage test of crosslinked cables. Truly achieve a dual - use machine, greatly facilitate the use of on-site users.

2, the first use of computer control technology, control PWM pulse width modulation, measurement, protection and display, display output DC high voltage voltage, current, overvoltage setting, timing and protection information on LCD display, and with RS232 interface to communicate with the computer.

3. Pioneered the function of intelligent bad grounding protection and alarm (bad grounding can't boost voltage), voltage measurement circuit break protection (voltage measurement circuit break instrument can't boost voltage), emergency stop button, which greatly improves the safety of operators in the operation process.

4, using 30-50khz high frequency voltage voltage circuit, the first application of PUM pulse width modulation technology and high-power IGBT devices, and according to the electromagnetic compatibility theory, the use of special shielding, isolation and grounding measures to achieve high quality DC high voltage generator, can withstand the rated voltage discharge without damage to the machine.

5. The dc high voltage generator adopts high voltage feedback, which greatly improves the voltage stability. The trigger button of 0.75 UDC-1mA is specially designed for the zinc oxide arrester test, and the frequency is also increased to 30-50khz, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of the control box and the voltage multiplier barrel, making it more convenient for field use.

DC Hipot Tester.png

6, the use of advanced technology components from the United States, Japan and other countries and Germany made the international series of cases, set practical and beautiful as one.

7. The pressure doubling cylinder is developed with German technology; The intermediate frequency transformer has been specially designed by relevant experts with small volume and large capacity. Multiple pressure cylinder base contains delta -- Y support foot, even when extended into Y shape, stable support convenient, packing shrinkage delta, hidden in the base.

Dc high voltage generator has a variety of protection functions, such as: low voltage over current, low voltage over voltage, high voltage over current, high voltage over voltage, zero protection, ungrounded protection, etc. Special sensors are used for fault sampling. The operation time is nanosecond, and the optical isolation element is nanosecond. The operation time is generally 10 microseconds, and the dc main circuit can be completely turned off. The push signal fast turn-off protection adopts special sensor sampling at the output end, the response time is nanosecond. Through the nanosecond optical isolation element and nanosecond analog switch, the whole process will cut off the push signal of the power amplifier circuit within 2 microseconds, to ensure that the power device will not be damaged in the case of output short circuit.

9. The fully shielded automatic shift high-voltage microammeter equipped with THE DC high-voltage generator USES the metal shell, and the liquid crystal display USES conductive glass to connect with the shell. There is no button in the shell. Ammeter is 4 1/2 digit digital display meter, can be 0-200-2000 A automatic shift, greatly improve the resolution of leakage current.

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