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Differences between DC and loop resistance tests

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Can you distinguish between a DC resistance test and a loop resistance test? Probably a lot of people don't understand how this works. Next will give you a detailed introduction, professional electrical measurement for 15 years, looking for electrical measurement equipment, choose Huatian power.

Dc resistance test for transformer, motor winding dc resistance commonly, because this kind of equipment in the circuit impedance and (or) capacitive reactance at the same time, if the large current test is impossible, in addition to its own test device with great capacity (e.g., battery, etc.), but is not very economic, so the special dc resistance tester.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

Circuit resistance general resistance minimum for micro - ohm level, refers to the isolation switch, circuit breaker on contact resistance. But the touchpoints of these devices are easiest to oxidize. Therefore, the oxidation film must be destroyed by a large current when it is detected, so as to get the true dc resistance value of the loop. The circuit has no impedance (inductive and capacitive), so the current can be measured very quickly.

Micro Ohmmeter.png

The two kinds of equipment will have a coincidence area, the difficulty of designing a comprehensive equipment lies in the output power, but there is no such necessity, according to the national regulations and test theory, it is advisable to choose to use.

Both tester is used to test the resistance, and also using the dc voltage drop method, many people will think that is the same, can be used alternately, in fact, there are difference from the point of subjects is tasted, the main loop resistance tester tests is impedance load, and micro resistance test, dc resistance meter test mainly perceptual load and resistance value range is relatively large, can't replace both and use, if there is a loop resistance meter to measure the perceptual load, may damage the equipment, not on the market at present two kinds of instruments and molding, because the two devices to synthesize a kind of equipment, that is to meet the large current, It also needs to meet the test resistance of the inductive load, cost is very high, the volume of equipment is also very large.

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