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The function of zinc oxide arrester charge tester

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The zinc oxide arrester charge tester has the following functions

Zinc oxide lightning arrester live tester an electrical appliance used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage during a lightning strike, and to limit the duration and often the amplitude of the continued current. Lightning arrester is also sometimes called overvoltage protector, overvoltage limiter. A device connected between a wire and a ground to prevent lightning strikes, usually in parallel with a protected device. It can effectively protect the power equipment, once abnormal voltage, lightning arrester will immediately occur, play a protective role. It's a powerful shield.

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2. Zinc oxide arrester live tester When the overvoltage disappears, the arrester quickly restores to its original state, so that the system can supply power normally. In a word, lightning arrester can be used to protect not only atmospheric high voltage, but also operating high voltage. If there is a thunderstorm, the lightning will appear high voltage, power equipment may be dangerous, at this time the lightning arrester will play a role, protect power equipment from damage, its biggest and most important role is to limit the overvoltage to protect the electrical equipment.

3. Zinc oxide lightning arrester charged tester When the protected equipment is operating under normal working voltage, the arrester will not have any effect, and is considered as a circuit breaker for the ground. Once a high voltage occurs and endangers the insulation of the protected equipment, the lightning arrester will immediately act to guide the high voltage impulse current to the earth, thus limiting the voltage amplitude and protecting the insulation of the electrical equipment.

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