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Circuit principle of relay protection tester

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Circuit principle of relay protection tester

1, input AC220V power output control relay K1 is approved by the insurance into the dual voltage regulator for T1 input carbon brush, through large knob to adjust the power into the isolation transformer T1 T2 (part-time riser), heat flow device points three tap output, a tap for AC0-250 - v output, rated current is 3 a, the tap after rectifying filtering the output voltage can be 0-350 - v dc output voltage. Second smoke is 15 v (10 a), the tap a path sensor by relay control 0-10 a alternating current, a path resistance 0-500 ma alternating current, a path of relay switch can be 0 to 10 a or 0-500 ma dc current, the second tap to 10 v high-current (100 a), the primary side tap through the sensor output 100 a current directly, the loop on load capacity is stronger, but a slight overload output, cannot under large current state for a long time.

The auxiliary circuit of the three-phase relay protection test instrument is the same as the main circuit. The AC220V power supply enters the double-carbon brush voltage regulator T1 small knob to adjust the voltage. The output 0-20V or 0-250V AC voltage or 0-350V DC voltage can be directly adjusted by isolating transformer T4. The rated current of this circuit is 1A. Press the auxiliary loop "output control" switch. Adjust the small knob to output.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

2. Measurement loop

The output of the main circuit adjusted by the large knob is AC "0-250V", "0-500MA", "0-10A", "0-100A". Dc "0-350V", "0-500MA" and "0-10A" are converted by relay on the circuit board in the equipment. Each time a file is switched, the memo monitors the output. The "0-500MA" file is included in the "0-10A" file. When in use, the monitor is "0-500MA" under "0-10A".

3. Time measurement

The electric stopwatch can be started internally or externally. When it is started internally, press the "output control" switch to start the stopwatch. The stopwatch can be stopped through the stop terminal on the contact short device panel.

4. Acousto-optic prompt

Acousto-optic prompt circuit is built in the circuit equipment, which can be connected to the acousto-optic prompt jack of the test box when the contact of the measured electric device is broken. Alarm sound or light will be emitted in the test box to indicate the action of the contact of the breaker.

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