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Use of ground resistance tester

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Technical requirements for setting ground resistance tester

(1) The ground resistance tester shall be placed 1-3 m away from the test point and shall be stable and easy to operate.

(2) Each pin must be well contacted and firmly connected.

(3) The two grounding pins shall be 20m and 40m apart from the left and right sides of the grounding body to be measured. If two pins are connected through a straight line, the ground body to be tested shall be substantially located on that line.

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(4) no other conductor shall be used in place of the 5, 20 and 40m long pure copper conductor containing the instrument.

(5) If the ground resistance tester is centered, the Angle between the two pins and the tester shall be at least 120° and shall not be set in the same direction.

(6) Two pins should be placed in solid soil, not in soil, backfill, hair roots, grass, etc.

(7) The test can only be carried out after seven consecutive sunny days.

(8) The ground body to be tested shall first rust to ensure a reliable electrical connection.

The function of the ground resistance tester

(1) Accurately measure the grounding impedance, grounding resistance and grounding reactance of large grounding grids.

(2) Accurately measure the surface potential gradient in the large grounding grid area.

(3) Accurately measure the contact potential difference, contact voltage, step potential difference and step voltage of the large grounding grid

(4) Accurately measure the transmission potential of large grounding grids;

(5) To measure soil resistivity.

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