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Common fault of earth resistance tester

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Common fault 1: When the battery voltage is normal and the grounding resistance is measured, the measurement data is inaccurate and the error is large.

Reason: This fault is usually caused by a fault in the detection signal filtering and modulation circuits. The common cause is the filter inductance T1 damage.

Solution: Replace the filter inductance T1.

Common fault 2: Found that the battery voltage is normal, but unable to measure the ground resistance.

Reason: The fault is usually caused by a fault in the switching power supply, AC/DC conversion of the power meter, and the constant-current output.

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Solution: Use a frequency meter to measure port C; If there is no 820Hz AC output, please gradually check the circuit part, find the fault part from the output transformer, switching tube, oscillation circuit, etc., and then replace the new part for repair.

Common fault 3: During measurement, the pointer of the ground resistance tester does not move, or the battery voltage and the pointer of the ground resistance tester does not move.

Cause: This can be caused by a burned out meter or a broken connection between the meter and the circuit board. This is also due to excessive vibration of the grounding resistance tester during use or transportation.

Solution: First, open the front panel and move the pointer by hand. If the pointer does not automatically reset to zero, the meter is damaged. Otherwise, the head should be welded and the meter should be measured with a multimeter resistance. If the circuit is disconnected, the meter is burnt out. Then use the current and voltage file of the multimeter to measure the original connector and press the ground resistance meter to check the voltage button. If the multimeter has a voltage indication, the fault of the grounding resistance tester is caused by the multimeter's damage. After the new instrument is replaced, it can be repaired. If the meter head is in good condition, open the case of the ground resistance tester and check the connection of the meter head.

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