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Megohm meter test is introduced

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Overview of megohm test

Megometer to test insulation performance of wires, motor windings and high power antenna mounting bases. Megohm meters, however, use higher voltages to identify resistance. Megometer tests are harmless to the device because a DC voltage is applied to the device under test. The test is intended only to show whether there are any scratches, cuts or holes in the insulation. Megometer Settings range from 300V to 10kV. Knowledge of using correct voltage Settings on a variety of electrical equipment. Otherwise, the equipment under test may be damaged. Megohm meter tests show current and leakage at specific locations by identifying areas where the insulation is damaged.

Insulation Resistance Tester.png

How to interpret the results

If the resistance of the cable is below 1.00, the cable needs to be replaced. Cables with readings between 1.00 and 1.35 can be used, and cables with readings above 1.35 can be fully used. The resistance should increase after each test because the heat emitted through the cable during the test will increase the resistance.

Benefits of megohm meter testing

• Follow strict maintenance guidelines to extend equipment life

• Reduce maintenance costs by taking preventive maintenance measures

• This test is harmless and therefore does not damage the equipment.

• Fast and efficient

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