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Grounding test in electrical maintenance

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The circuit has a separate grounded or "grounded" circuit that provides an alternate low impedance path to safely reach the ground in the event of accidental physical contact. The grounding test is used to measure the circuit's performance and check that it meets requirements.

How do you do ground tests

Before you begin testing the ground circuit, you must understand some basic elements:

• Use the right equipment

Use equipment specifically designed for ground testing, such as a dedicated ground resistance tester.

• Understand the tests

In addition to the tests themselves, you should be familiar with the tools to use and how they work.

• Understand the test environment

The entire area around the electrode must be measured, which is essential for performance.

• Placement of probe

The probe should be placed correctly relative to buried objects, wet places, etc.

Ground test technique

Several agencies and organizations issue guidelines, recommendations, and standards for testing ground safety. Regardless of which one you follow, the key components are the same, such as grounding and piling. Check carefully at least once a year for problems such as corrosion, which increases resistance.

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The importance of ground testing

There are two basic types of ground testing - testing when the facility is built and routine testing to ensure that the ground system operates as expected.

Both types are important for a number of reasons:

• If there is an electrical failure, grounding the system can lead to catastrophic data, equipment and even loss of human life.

• Equipment that is not adequately grounded may suffer surges and spikes that may damage the equipment.

• If the ground is lost, sensitive equipment is likely to process data incorrectly or lose data altogether.

• Intermittent failures due to poor grounding can cause a range of problems. From random shocks to failures that cannot be easily identified.

• The accumulation of static electricity on the surface can produce electric shocks, which can easily be misdiagnosed as an internal fault, resulting in unnecessary and expensive repairs or replacement of parts.

Grounding protection equipment and life, therefore it is absolutely critical to ensure that it is properly performed and checked periodically. The world's best grounding system connections will be useless unless a low impedance grounding pile can be reached, which will make grounding testing even more important.

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