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Measurement of DC resistance tester

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Transformer DC resistance tester is a commonly used high-voltage electrical test equipment, mainly used to measure the DC resistance of power transformers. It has also been widely used in the power industry, but many people do not yet understand its measurement and discharge work. Therefore, this article describes how to use the transformer DC resistance tester to measure and discharge the transformer DC resistance tester.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

Transformer DC resistance tester

After connecting the test line, turn off the power switch, turn on the power indicator, press the "Start and Stop" key, the meter displays "E0000". Select the range of the resistance gear according to the measured value, press the gear switch, the gear indicator lights, and the stable value displayed on the four semi-liquid crystal screens is the measured resistance value. When reading the value, pay attention to the unit (mΩ/Ω/KΩ) in the selected range. When measuring large inductance samples, such as power transformers, test circuits other than coils, the best short circuit is not required to measure to avoid electromagnetic interference.

Transformer DC resistance tester discharge

After the test, directly cut off the main power supply. If the power supply should not be removed immediately after operation in the sensory test, the instrument should have a continuous discharge process, generally for at least 20 seconds, otherwise, the back electromotive force of the inductor will endanger personal safety.

The measurement and discharge of the transformer DC resistance tester are its commonly used functions and require skilled operation by electric workers.

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