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Power workers often need to use a three-phase relay protection tester in their work. The main function of this equipment is to perform performance tests on power transformers, generators, relays, etc. The harmonic braking test is a relatively routine test Project, this article will give you a brief introduction to what is the harmonic braking test of the three-phase relay protection tester.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

The harmonic braking test needs to set the initial value, final value and step size of the differential current to determine the position of the search line. After setting the search range, select "Add Sequence" or "Add" to fill the search line data into the test data list, select "Start Test" to test, select "Delete" or "Export All" to delete the search line.

In addition, you can also set the braking current at each inflection point and the slope of each broken line (proportional braking coefficient) combined with the differential current value and differential quick-break current value on the first page, you can draw the theoretical braking characteristic curve The setting value is set according to the protection setting value. If the protection setting does not give the inflection point value, you can refer to the protection action diagram in the protection manual to set it. If there are multiple curves, there should be multiple inflection points. We can check the box in front of inflection point 2 to set the second inflection point, so that currently three curves can be drawn, the program can only set three inflection points, that is to say, can only draw up to four curves.

 The three-phase relay protection tester harmonic braking test is a conventional high-voltage power test project, and electric power workers need to be proficient in their test methods and skills.

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