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Use of dry test transformers

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The dry test transformer, together with the oil immersed test transformer and the gas filled test transformer, is the main test transformer at present. Because of the low cost and oil-free dry test transformer, it is very popular among electric power workers.

1. Before the test, the grounding end of the high-voltage test transformer shell and the grounding end of the power supply control box must be well grounded. Otherwise, it will endanger the safety of people and equipment.

2. Be familiar with the wiring diagram of the high-voltage test transformer and the power supply control box before operation; If the dc voltage resistance and leakage tests are carried out, the high voltage silicon reactor and microamperes can be rotated at the high voltage end of the high voltage test transformer.

3. After the preparation work is completed and the circuit is checked, the main power switch can be closed and the red switch indicator light will be on; If it is not lit, the stabilizer handle should return to zero counterclockwise, and the indicator light on the red stop button is on, otherwise the start button refuses to close.

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

4. Press the start button and the green button will light up. At this point, slowly and evenly turn the regulator handle clockwise at the speed of 1.5-2kv per second. The high pressure will gradually rise and the voltmeter indication and the condition of the sample will be monitored until the required high pressure is reached.

5, the test product pressure test time, according to the specified timing time to pull the timer timer and alarm switch, that is, within the specified time to test the product pressure resistance, and then alarm. If the product under test is broken down and the overcurrent relay trips automatically, the voltmeter value reads the breakdown voltage value of the product.

6. When it is necessary to protect the tested product from over-voltage breakdown, the gap of the protection ball can be continuously connected at the high voltage side. Adjust the discharge voltage of the protective ball to about 1.15 times of the test voltage.

Dry test transformer:

1. Advantages: compared with similar oil-immersed transformers, the new process of coil winding epoxy vacuum casting and CD iron core can significantly reduce the weight and volume, improve the insulation strength and anti-moisture quality, and effectively reduce the magnetic leakage.

2. Scope of application: it is applicable to the field test of insulation performance of various electrical equipment in power system, dc voltage resistance test and leakage current test of transformer electrical products. And other high voltage power sources in various electrical systems or devices that require low ac/dc high voltage current.

Dry - type test transformer is a conventional high - voltage power test equipment. Its test method needs the electric worker to master skillfully.

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