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How to choose the type of dc resistance tester?

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During the test of the microcomputer relay protection tester, the occurrence of interturn and interphase short circuit or the occurrence of conflict in the process of transportation will result in the relative displacement of the coil, and the deformation of the coil due to the electromagnetic tension in the short circuit and fault state during the operation will change the distribution parameters of the transformer windings. Therefore, the original frequency domain characteristics of the transformer are changed, such as the variation of the frequency response and the shift of the frequency point. And response analysis method based on the extensive development of 璄 transformer winding deformation test instrument, this is a novel transformer internal 欯 nondestructive Lian measuring equipment, internal structure of fault detection of transformer winding deformation experiment program first to check the transformer grounding conditions are in good condition, casing shall all be recorded solve specific subjects lead product nameplate data and the original operating mode ever Yu often, the sample (s) and the transformer tap-changer position of the current test conditions, and carefully input subjects product status register window according to the status of the subjects to taste to establish subjects product data file directory; Tests after completion of measurement should be Qin according to backup to the directory, and finishing work, pay attention to the data store format file is based on the acsi register code.

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Measure the transformer just back from running, before measurement should try to let it cool down; But in the whole measurement process should stop its cooling technique, adhere to the temperature, avoid excessive temperature changes in the process of measurement and influence the consistency of the measurement results of field test, to prevent accidental damage to the equipment, using the distribution of microcomputer relay protection test device isolation discriminant to keep an eye on things artful winding deformation is a necessary condition for the onset of transformer winding deformation of forwarders area near short circuit, short circuit or multiple flow, transport of attack resistance; Generally in the low frequency part of the frequency response curve can be well coincidence, otherwise should be the primary suspect test wiring for poor contact, and include the following transformer factory frequency response characteristics of consistency may be poor, should be in when to keep original data to compare the measured frequency response curve between commonly, if you exceed should check whether the experimental circuit poor contact or broken line separating experiment Angle joint winding three-phase frequency response characteristics may not be consistent; The balance winding may cause the three phase frequency response characteristic inconsistency group severe deformation will affect the frequency response characteristic of the neighboring winding some small plants and the transformer in site maintenance, because of the poor technology may lead to the transformer winding frequency response characteristic inconsistency have the material indicated temperature has the influence on the frequency response characteristic; The frequency response characteristics of the transformer windings may be inconsistent when there is a transposition conductor in the entangled windings.

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