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How about the dielectric loss tester?

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Dielectric loss: energy loss caused by dielectric conductivity and hysteresis of dielectric polarization under an electric field. Also known as dielectric loss.

Under the action of alternating electric field, the Angle between the voltage phasor and current phasor of residual Angle (Φ Angle) is called the dielectric loss Angle. The high voltage dielectric loss tester is a new type of intelligent instrument used to measure the dielectric loss tangent value (tg) and capacitance value (Cx). The dielectric loss Angle (tg) and capacitance value (Cx) of various insulating materials, insulating bushing, power cable, capacitor, transformer, transformer and other high voltage equipment can be measured at high power frequency. The working principle is that under the action of ac voltage, the dielectric consumes part of electric energy, and converts this part of electric energy into heat energy, resulting in waste.

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This loss of energy is called dielectric loss. When ac voltage is applied to a dielectric, there is a difference between the voltage and the current in the dielectric. The residual Angle is called the dielectric loss Angle, and the tangent tg is called the dielectric loss Angle tangent. The tg value is used to measure the dielectric loss parameter. The instrument measurement circuit consists of a standard circuit (Cn) and a test circuit (Cx). The standard circuit consists of a built-in high stability standard capacitor and a measurement circuit. The test object consists of the product under test and a measurement circuit. The route sampling resistor consists of A preamplifier and A/D converter.

The amplitude and phase of the standard circuit current and circuit current are measured by the measuring circuit, and the digital real-time acquisition method is used by the single chip microcomputer. Capacitance value and dielectric loss tangent value can be obtained by vector calculation.

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