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Troubleshooting of dc high voltage generator

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Simple troubleshooting method for dc high voltage generator:

1. The digital indicator on the control box will not light up when the power switch is turned on. Please check the power connection and all fuses.

2, if the power switch, digital display table is bright, high voltage display lamp (green) is not bright, increase the voltage.

(1) the fault display "return to zero" indicator light is on

When you cannot return to zero, turn the high-voltage output adjustment knob and fine-tuning knob counterclockwise to return to zero, until the "return to zero" indicator goes out, then you can add the high-voltage.

(2) there are two phenomena when the indicator light of "other" shows failure: 1. Grounding protection; 2. Wire break protection

A: the ground wire may not be properly connected, or the ground wire may not be reliably grounded. Please connect the reliable ground wire, turn off the power and restart.

B. The cable connection between the control box and the high-voltage tower may be faulty. After connecting, turn off the power and reconnect the cable. This failure may occur when removing welding joints at both ends of the cable. Please weld the welds on both ends of the cable, turn off the power and restart.

C. One of the wire ends in the control box can be disconnected. Please reweld, turn off the power and restart.

DC Hipot Tester.png

3. Everything is normal, but the rated output voltage protection is not raised in the process

(1) the fault display "over current" light is on

A. Large short circuit or leakage current flow of the product under test.

B. Boost too fast under high capacitance load, shut off the power, restart, and then accelerate slowly.

(2) the fault shows that the "overvoltage" light is on

The overvoltage protection setting knob is not in the maximum position. Please turn it clockwise to the maximum position, turn off the power and restart it.

4. When a short circuit occurs under high voltage of the product under test, it is normal that all fault display lights can be lit due to the high short circuit current. After troubleshooting the test product, restart it.

5. After troubleshooting the test product, the fault indicator light is still on and no high pressure is added. Power switches and reset switches provide fault protection. Please turn off the power switch and restart to increase the voltage.

6. If the number of voltmeters is found to fluctuate greatly, please check whether the connecting cables at the ends of the 7-pin shielding network head and the central shielding line head of the aviation plug are disconnected and disconnected. If so, weld well.

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