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Ground resistance detector reading

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(1) in the detection of gas and liquefied petroleum gas station and high-rise buildings and the electrostatic grounding resistance, earth resistance for buried metal tube (oil, gas) and layout of the grounding device and metal components is not very marked correctly on the diagram, so the placement of a table to check the grounding resistance when great direction and distance to the measured values, often as the direction and distance, different numerical value is different also, sometimes measured values or even negative, in particular, gas stations and other places of buried metal pipeline facilities inspection, often arise, the solution is: To understand the layout of underground metal pipelines before testing, you should not only check the grounding device diagram, but also the layout diagram of other underground metal pipelines, and choose the place where the influence of P and C grounding poles is as small as possible.

Earth Resistance Tester.png

(2) where there is a break connection card on the ground lead, disconnect it for detection as far as possible. Avoid the influence of other equipment on the test.

(3) if any abnormality occurs during the test, the cause shall be found out. Or at different times, in different directions and at different places, the correct detection value can be obtained.

(4) in order to avoid the lead under high electromagnetic field from electromagnetic interference. The test lead should be relatively short and the inner diameter of the lead should be qualified multi-strand wire.

(5) when testing the ground resistance at the place of high resistivity sand and stone cushion. The grounding poles of P and C should be placed in the place where the earth conducts electricity well and the ground is wet. In this way, the measured grounding resistance is relatively correct.

(6) the test shall be carried out according to the operating rules, and the test instrument shall be regularly maintained. Time check, no overcheck instrument is used.

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