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Dc high voltage generator test procedure

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The dc high voltage generator has the characteristics of large output power, small size and light weight, and has the functions of reliable over-voltage, over-current and zero closing protection. The whole instrument is easy to carry, easy to operate, safe and reliable, especially suitable for the field test of the power department

Dc high voltage generator voltage withstand test steps:

1. Before the load test, the high-voltage shielded microammeter is installed at the high-voltage output end of the dual pressure cylinder, and it is connected with the microammeter and the tested product by matching the special high-voltage wires.

2. Before starting the high-voltage test of the test product, check whether the instrument, discharge rod, double pressure cylinder, test product connection wire and ground wire are correct, whether the ground wire connection is reliable, and whether the high-voltage safety distance meets the requirements.

3. Check the dc high-voltage generator to confirm the instrument and other abnormal conditions. Turn on the single-phase ac 220V power switch.

4. Press the red button and the red light will be on, indicating that the high pressure is on and waiting for the high pressure to rise.

5. Adjust the voltage potentiometer clockwise and steadily, and the output end will boost the voltage from zero. The boost speed is suitable for the test voltage boost of 3-5kv per second. For high-capacity test objects, the voltage should be increased slowly, otherwise it may lead to overcharging of the voltage. The charging current of the ammeter should not exceed the maximum charging current of the dc generator. When it rises to the required voltage or current, the ammeter and voltmeter readings are recorded at the specified time.

DC Hipot Tester.png

6. After the test, lower the voltage and reset the potentiometer to zero. Then press the green button to cut off the high voltage and turn off the power switch.

7. After the test, discharge the test product several times with the discharge bar, and the discharge can only be close to the test product and the disassembly line. The voltage regulating potentiometer is slowly adjusted to the voltage (current) value required by small capacitance test objects such as zinc oxide arrester and magnetic blowout arrester, and then the voltage (current) value of the meter is read out and displayed digitally.

Dc high voltage generator has a variety of protection functions, such as: low voltage overcurrent, low voltage overvoltage, high voltage overcurrent, high voltage overvoltage, zero protection, no grounding protection, etc. Fault sampling adopts special sensor, the action time is nanosecond, the optical isolation element is also nanosecond. In general, the action time is 10 microseconds, can completely shut down the dc main circuit. The push-pull protection of the push signal is sampled by the special sensor of the output terminal, and the response time is nanosecond. The push signal of the power amplifier circuit is cut off within 2 microseconds through the nanosecond optical isolation element and the nanosecond analog switch in the whole process, so as to ensure that the power device will not be damaged in the event of output short circuit.

Electrical equipment insulation preventive test includes ac withstand voltage test and dc withstand voltage test, because the voltage distribution on the equipment insulation is different under the action of dc voltage and ac voltage, so in some insulation strength test, dc withstand voltage test is difficult to achieve in ac voltage, become an effective supplement to ac withstand voltage. Dc high voltage generator is the main equipment for dc voltage withstand test. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of dc voltage withstand test, it is necessary to check the dc high voltage generator regularly.

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