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Test principle of switch vacuum tester

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Vacuum switch tester by magnetron discharge measurement method, the vacuum arcing chamber, a certain distance of the two contact to applying an electric field pulse pressure, place the arcing chamber in the electromagnetic coil, or will the new electromagnetic coil placed in arcing outside side, and exert large current to produce a protein coil and arcing indoor high voltage synchronous pulse magnetic field, as a result, under the action of strong magnetic field and electric field, arcing indoor helical motion and charged ions collide with the residual gas molecules, the ion current is proportional to the residual gas density roughly, namely, the vacuum degree. For different vacuum tube type (type), because their structure is different, in the same open distance contact, vacuum, and the equivalent electric and magnetic fields, the ion current is different, through the experiment, allows the correction of the vacuum tube with all kinds of corresponding relation between ion current, when the measured ion current, can query ionic current - vacuum tube type of curve to get the vacuum tube type.

Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

In order to improve the sensitivity of conventional magnetron discharge test in order to improve testing sensitivity, must from the diverse circuit breaker arcing chamber and place it in the process of line pipe, in this way, arcing chamber when reinstalling the breaker need to adjust the mechanical parameters, workload is big, need professional personnel, new magnetron coil can be used for surrounding the arcing chamber from the side, there is no need to remove the arcing chamber. The single chip microcomputer is used for synchronous control and data acquisition and processing, which improves the sensitivity of the field test in the vacuum chamber of arc extinguishing chamber.

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