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Operation specification of relay protection tester

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The operator should analyze the danger point before the relay test of the microcomputer relay protection tester. Explain the tasks and division of labor, specify the status and precautions of the working site and surrounding operating equipment, and check whether the safety measures meet the requirements.

Before moving the device, the field debugging personnel must check whether the device name is consistent with the device name on the operation ticket, and pay attention to the wrong interval and wrong operation and maintenance; In transformer substation field operation, the relay protection tester is not allowed to move the switch operation handle, auto switch, ground button alarm, alarm, the back button, trip switch electric platen, voltage regulator, voltage, etc., the above equipment due to the need of operation operation, must be approved by the relevant operating personnel, and the operating personnel under the supervision of the operation.

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To maintain important equipment, especially complex maintenance or tripping circuits, approved safety technical measures and test plans must be available for on-site inspection, and special personnel shall be assigned to monitor and control the equipment.

The maintenance personnel of the relay protection tester must accept and cooperate with the operator when conducting the switch transmission test. Otherwise, relay protection tester personnel shall not separate operation, in the maintenance of trays and secondary loop device operation, should be run on both sides near the equipment components and terminal cover marked with "in the operation of the" curtain or an insulator, in case of accidental collision and gas falling accident, it is strictly prohibited in the operation and maintenance in drilling, when need to operation and maintenance board near borehole or vibration, the vibration control measures must be taken, should stop the related maintenance when necessary.

When a device on the control panel or transfer before and after the maintenance panel or place in the passage above, should maintain enough intervals, prevent switch tripping due to false contact panel, part in the equipment operation and maintenance downtime back to work on the road, in addition to disconnect tripping linking piece, should also be broken and is not affected by tripping clamp the circuit related to the operation of the equipment, busbar differential and fault circuit connection, with fault circuit wiring must be double busbar differential circuit, all end should be encapsulated and records, and recovery after operation record.

Check relay protection tester secondary loop or action test, check the trip circuit breaking location and run with other secondary loop of the circuit board equipment, operating equipment terminals connection, or electric test should be carefully and carefully monitored, and maintain a false contact, false contact, misconnection, mistakenly shift operation and maintenance, the maintenance or operation at the control panel, you must use lead appears less screwdriver, to prevent accidental or accidental contact.

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