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How to choose the circuit resistance tester

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At present, there are many manufacturers of circuit resistance tester, whose performance varies greatly. When selecting the circuit resistance tester, the circuit resistance tester with appropriate output current should be selected according to the test requirements. It mainly includes whether the current gear is continuously adjustable or fixed, and whether the accuracy is high. Details are described below.

Compared with other circuit resistance tester, the circuit resistance tester has a larger test current and adopts the four-wire system principle. The test voltage drop is obvious and the precision is high. When choosing loop resistance tester, the first to accurately measure the resistance of the products tested, and then to accurately measure the resistance of the products tested, can be continuous testing, and need stable constant current power supply, power circuit resistance tester adopts the latest technology, can output high current for a long time to natural ensures better testing results of the whole test, can accurate test data, can be a very economic and effective circuit resistance tester.

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At present, the choice of the loop resistance tester is also very important, visual instrument made in China mainly according to the requirements of national standards for production, the power industry on loop resistance and contact resistance of the national standard requirements in not less than the current test of 100 a, so domestic manufacturer producing circuit resistance tester can reach 100 a, but for some test products, cannot reach 100 a test current. If other low current resistance tester is selected, the test accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For example, you can choose 100 a circuit resistance tester, continuous adjustable current 0 to 100 a, of course, there are some test products, such as the isolation knife brake circuit resistance tester, due to long-term exposure to outdoor and door contact oxidation, although the national standard 100 a test current to ensure the accuracy of the data, but the oxide film can be quickly ablation enough current, so as to improve the accuracy of the data, you can choose to have a bigger test current loop resistance tester.

To sum up, we know that the key factors of circuit resistance tester selection are current, accuracy and, of course, the quality of the instrument. A good circuit resistance tester can work more efficiently.

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