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Test the maintenance method of transformer

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Inflatable high-voltage test transformer is mainly used in power system, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research departments, etc., for high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, insulation materials, industrial frequency or dc high-voltage insulation strength test, voltage test, etc. It is an important supporting equipment for high-voltage pressure test. In order to keep the pneumatic high-voltage test transformer in good condition, proper maintenance and maintenance must be carried out. The maintenance methods of the inflatable high-voltage test transformer are as follows:

DC Hipot Test Set

1. The test transformer should always be kept clean. The nylon cover should be wiped clean and covered with a plastic cloth before each test.

2. Do not twist the bolt outside the connecting column to avoid air leakage due to seal damage.

3. Slight air leakage is a normal phenomenon. It is estimated that the pressure decreases by 0.05mpa every 4 years, and the pressure of the factory is between 0.1-0.3mpa.

4. When exhaust, please use the special inflatable mouth and small tank of sulfur hexafluoride gas provided by the factory. The charging pressure shall not exceed 0.4mpa. In general, 0.1-0.3Mpa can be used.

5. Charging method: 1, charging valve 2, oxygen pipe 3, oxygen meter 4, sulfur hexafluoride cylinder 5, transformer 6, pressure gauge 7, transformer nozzle

6. The entrance table is connected to the pipeline according to the schematic diagram.

7. Open the valve on the sulfur hexafluoride cylinder and compress the oxygen at a pressure of about 20kg/cm.

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