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Principle of partial discharge detector

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Partial discharge detector is widely used, the detection sensitivity and accuracy is very high, in the appropriate calibration, you can directly read the discharge of discharge pulse, is a very practical equipment, today for you to introduce the specific partial discharge detector is what kind of working principle.

The principle of the detector is the current measurement method of high frequency pulse. When partial discharge is generated at the test voltage in the experiment, the pulse signal of the partial discharge detector will be discharged through the coupling capacitance and sent to the input unit, and then the pulse signal can be obtained through the input unit. After amplification by the low noise amplifier, the pulse signal can be amplified.

Partial Discharge Detector

Select the desired frequency band in the filter amplifier, after the main amplifier amplifying effect, that is, the desired pair of values and zero marking pulse will be achieved. Above the elliptic scan baseline of the oscilloscope screen, a visible discharge pulse will be generated, which will also be sent to the pulse peak, and its peak can also be displayed.

The time window unit controls the test voltage and displays the pulse peak meter's working hours each week. During this time, the corresponding display area can also be highlighted on the oscilloscope screen to eliminate the interference of fixed phase. After the test voltmeter passes through the capacitive voltage divider, a signal of test voltage crossing zero will be generated, which can be displayed on the oscilloscope screen with zero standard pulse, where the test voltage is indicated by the digital voltmeter.

The principle of partial discharge detector is very complex, we only know that when the partial discharge detector is used at ordinary times, it must be operated in accordance with the requirements of the specification, and do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance. If any abnormality is found, it should be handled in time, so as not to affect the normal work.

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