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The role of relay protection in power system

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We usually think of power systems in terms of the more impressive parts of them -- large power stations, transformers, high-voltage lines, etc. While these are the basics, there are many other necessary and compelling components. Relay protection is one of them.

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Functional characteristics of relay protection

The function of relay protection is to quickly stop the power supply system in the event of a short circuit or any abnormal initiation of operation that may cause damage or otherwise interfere with the effective operation of the power supply. The rest of the system.

In this task, the relay equipment can be aided by a circuit breaker, which can disconnect the faulty component when the relay equipment requires it to disconnect.

How does relay protection work?

Circuit breakers are usually placed in place so that each generator, transformer, bus, transmission line, etc. can be completely disconnected from the rest of the system.

These circuit breakers must have sufficient capacity so that they can instantaneously carry the maximum short-circuit current flowing through them and then interrupt that current. They must also withstand this short-circuit closure, which is then broken according to certain prescribed criteria.

Use of fuses where relay protection and circuit breakers are economically unreasonable.

Although the main function of relay protection is to mitigate the effects of short circuits, there are other abnormal operating conditions that require relay protection services. This is especially true for generators and electric motors.

The second function of relay protection is to provide an indication of the location and type of failure. Such data not only help speed up maintenance, but also provide a means of analyzing the effectiveness of failure prevention and mitigation functions, including relay protection itself, in comparison with human observation and automatic oscilloscope records.

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