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Megohm meter test

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The megohm meter test was performed according to the following steps,

1. Switch off the power supply from the circuit being tested. In the circuit, these types of high voltage tests should be performed without any voltage being connected.

2. All wires used for testing will be unloaded. To check the insulation resistance of any wire, remove it completely and disconnect it from both ends. Cover the exposed copper end with a piece of tape to protect it from impact. In the test of the motor, it is necessary to completely disconnect the wires that supply the motor.

Insulation Resistance Tester.png

3. A wire of a megohm meter is connected to the ground or electrical frame of the electrical system. In the case of a motor winding, the lead is connected to the metal frame of the motor.

4. Another megameter wire is connected to a terminal or bare copper end of the motor. The other end of the wire under test should be covered with tape insulation or must be placed in the air.

5. Now turn on the meter. It takes about 2 to 5 seconds for high voltage to build up inside the motor windings or wires.

6. Now take down the meter reading. For new motors or wires, readings greater than 999 megabytes are considered near perfect resistance. When the resistance value is less than 1.5 megohm, there may be problems with used electric motors or old wires. As long as there are no problems, readings in this range will do.

7. Continue testing the remaining terminals or other wires of the motor. When the high voltage power supply of the instrument is stopped, the electric motor lead or wire can be safely used.

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