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Why megohm meter testing?

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The insulation resistance quality of electrical systems decreases with time and environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, moisture, and dust particles). It is also negatively affected by the presence of electrical and mechanical stresses, so it is essential to regularly check the IR (insulation resistance) of the equipment to avoid the risk of death or shock.

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In the event of a fire or other high temperature event (lightning, explosion, etc.), the wiring and its corresponding components (insulation, etc.) will be subject to higher heat. All metals and physical compounds have melting points. In some fire situations, the melting point is reached and the current-carrying integrity of the wire is compromised. The insulation may melt internally, or both the conductor and the insulation may have melted. When this happens, a pocket of resistance forms when current tries to flow through the melting zone. As the current increases, trying to get through the pocket generates heat. That heat could produce enough heat to actually start another fire. Just what you don't need!

Megohm meter testing doesn't cause any damage, so it's a good option when someone doesn't want to drill holes in a wall to see if there are any problems with electrical insulation. The test equipment only works between 500 and 1,000 volts, which is relatively low. Due to low voltage, some breakdown in the insulation went undetected. It usually provides information about leakage currents and whether there is too much dirt or moisture in the insulation area and the amount of moisture, deterioration, and winding faults.

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