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Use of insulation resistance tester

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Electricity workers in practical work, often need to use insulation resistance tester, mainly used for power transformer, relays, power generators, lightning arrester and so on high voltage power equipment insulation resistance testing, has high accuracy, convenient and flexible many characteristics, such as popular with large power workers, before the equipment is in use, there are still many problems need to be aware of, this paper is to give you a brief introduction of insulating resistance tester need to do what preparation work before use.

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1. After receiving the instrument, it needs to be charged for 6 hours. Otherwise, the instrument will not work properly. The details of battery charging are described in detail.

2. Before the test, the power supply of the test equipment and all external connectors should be removed. After the short connection, the test object should be grounded and discharged for 1 minute. Large capacitors should be discharged for at least 2 minutes to avoid electric shock and affect the measurement results.

3. Clean the surface dirt of the subject object with a clean soft cloth; If necessary, clean the surface of the housing with gasoline to eliminate surface leakage current and affect the test results.

4. Insert the red plug end with the high-voltage test wire into the (3) end of the cable, insert the green plug end into the (2) protection end, and insert the probe or clip at the other end into the high-voltage test wire equipment. Insert the test wire (green) into the (2) GUA RD end (right) and the other end into the high voltage protection ring of the device under test to eliminate the influence of surface leakage current (see use of shielding end). Black secondary line test line insert into the ground (EARTH)

5. If you need to stop the test, please release or counterclockwise rotate 12 points, and then release the test key. At this point, the instrument stops the high voltage output and displays the test results.

6. In order to eliminate surface leakage and interference from external electromagnetic fields, the shielding end of the instrument is used to eliminate leakage current and interference from insulation measurement of external electromagnetic fields (such as power cables).

Insulation resistance tester is a kind of high-voltage power test equipment which is often used by power workers in their work. The frequency of use is relatively high. At the same time, the use method of this equipment is very simple, which can be easily mastered by power workers.

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