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Dc high voltage generator test method

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In the daily work process, the power workers often need to use the dc high-voltage generator, the equipment because of more functions, but also more convenient to use, is very popular with the majority of power workers, so what are the basic test methods of the dc high-voltage generator?

In general measurement, when the connection is completed, the line connecting the sample is suspended, and when the test voltage rises to the test voltage, corona and stray current I are read, and then when the test voltage is connected to the test voltage, the total current I is read. The leakage current of the sample is Io= i1-i.

DC Hipot Tester.png

When it is necessary to accurately measure the leakage current of the test item, the high-voltage micro-ammeter shall be connected to the high-voltage side. The micro-ammeter shall have a metal shield, and the shielding wire shall be connected to the test item. The shielding of the high-voltage lead shall be closely connected to the shielding at the end of the instrument. If surface contamination of the test item is to be excluded from the leakage current on the test item, the high potential end of the test item is tightly connected to the high voltage lead shield by several loops of bare metal.

In the case of zinc oxide, the magnetic blown arrestor sample detachable ground terminal can also be used at the bottom of the sample (ground side) and ammeter measurement mode series. When the surface of the sample is used to eliminate the leakage effect, the upper end of the surrounding ground and the shielding soft sample ring of the shielding wire are coupled,

For small capacitance test products such as zinc oxide arrester, the discharge time is very fast by measuring the piezoelectric resistance. For large-capacity cable test, the test voltage should be discharged from the test voltage to less than 20% of the test voltage, and then discharged through the supporting discharge bar. Only when the ground wire is connected after complete discharge can the high voltage lead be removed and replaced.

When the green light is on, the red light is on and the voltage drops during the operation and use after the protection action, the power switch should be turned off and the panel indicator light should be turned off for the relevant protection action. Return the voltage potentiometer to zero and allow the power switch to be turned on again when the low-voltage capacitor is fully discharged after one minute of standby. Carry out no-load test again, find the situation, carry out booster test again.

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