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Electric high voltage switch, also known as circuit breaker, is a commonly used high voltage power equipment, mainly used for power failure protection. In the long term use process, the equipment needs to carry out the routine performance test. Speed testing is a more common test item for the device. This paper briefly introduces the speed analysis of circuit breaker characteristic tester.

Relevant data can be obtained by analyzing the "time travel" curve of the circuit breaker characteristic tester. The two most important things, of course, are the speed Numbers that just came out. Operation tips:

On velocity analysis interface, the time shift curve has two vertical coordinates on line: solid line and dotted line, dotted line is located in the channel a rigid connection, solid lines define the speed of the rigid connection point, the left upper corner of the screen for two grid line and stroke curve intersection point coordinates, horizontal coordinates is time, the longitudinal coordinate is trip switch contact points at this time, solid line can move around, it moves, the coordinate points real-time change, the dotted line can't move.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer.png

Press the button to change the solid and dashed lines.

The difference between the two ordinate curves of the coordinate point "s=XX".

The difference between the two vertical coordinate curves at the coordinate point T=xx.xms.

V = XX. M/S is the ratio of the difference between the two points and the abscissa, that is, the average velocity of the contact between the two points. If these two points are set according to the switching manufacturer's switching speed, V is the measured switching speed.

Of course, moving two rows around the corresponding position coordinates, you can see the difference between the vertical coordinates of the two coordinate points, which can be seen in data such as openings, overshoot, overshoot processing, data springback, and so on. This data can also be found at the beginning of the active contact of the arc series "integrated data table" and is not displayed for analysis.

The speed analysis and test of the circuit breaker characteristic tester are relatively simple, which is easy for the electrical personnel to master, or the product specifications should be read carefully before use.

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