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Can using megabytes be destructive?

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Megohm meter (insulation resistance tester) is a type of electrical testing equipment used to verify the effectiveness of insulation as a barrier between live conductors, or between live conductors and ground. Vital to the reliability of the power system is a way of knowing when the insulation is broken or broken in any way.

Although there are many ways to apply electrical stress to an insulating material, insulation resistance testing usually focuses on characterizing the insulating material rather than stressing it. Therefore, these types of tests are usually performed at a voltage level below the insulation rating and are usually much lower than the voltage level intended to apply the insulation pressure.

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It is a good practice to test the proper voltage along the insulation design limits. This knowledge will help to ensure that the insulation will not be damaged or damaged by such tests,

The output capacity of the insulation resistance tester ranges from a minimum of 50 V dc to a maximum of 15 kV dc. When too much voltage is applied to the test object, it may reduce the insulation quality of the material and cause its premature failure once the material is put back into use. Therefore, it is important to select a megohm meter whose output capacity should be appropriately matched to the rating of the material to be tested.

One of the biggest advantages of using a megohm meter to test equipment is that it ensures the safety and availability of electrical equipment without damaging it. However, in order to ensure normal operation of the device after passing the test, the megohm meter tester must be used correctly and the appropriate voltage used during the test.

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