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The principle of partial discharge detector

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Believe that everyone should know, electrical equipment in the production of partial discharge will generate electromagnetic waves, so the electromagnetic wave will also spread outward, thus forming a transient voltage to the ground signal. These things are usually detected by specialized detectors, and the detector we're going to talk about today is a partial discharge detector, and we're going to talk about how it works.

Partial Discharge Detector

For partial discharge detectors, it usually has a high sensitivity, its application range is very wide. At present, it has been widely used in the power sector, manufacturers and research institutions. The principle of this method is high-frequency pulse current measurement, which mainly relies on test samples, discharge pulse signals, test voltmeters and other equipment.

Specifically, its working principle is as follows: it mainly relies on the partial discharge generated by the tested product at the test voltage, and then sends the discharge pulse signal to the input unit through the interaction with the capacitor, thus producing the corresponding pulse. You can extract the signal. By amplifying the signal passing through the amplifier, the filter amplifier and the main amplifier are free to select their desired frequency band. The main filter can further amplify it and convert it into a visible discharge pulse, as shown by the pulse peak meter. In addition, the test voltmeter will display a symbol of the zero boundary value after passing through the capacitive voltage divider so that the zero standard pulse can be displayed on the corresponding oscilloscope.

Generally, the working principle of PD detector is to make use of impulse signal and relevant amplifier, so that the corresponding value of impulse signal can be displayed on the display screen of the corresponding amplifier, so as to facilitate the staff to record, and then get the corresponding digital voltage.

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