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Protection system of ground resistance tester

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The earth resistance tester protects the conductor

As you know, protective conductors are a major part of every grounding protection system, but the complexity of the system increases with the requirements of information technology, surge protectors, lans, etc., and there is a risk of terminology confusion

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When this insulation failure occurs, a short-circuit current many times higher than the normal operating current flows through the safety grounding wire and back through the ground to the distribution transformer's star contact.


1. Grounding electrode

A group of conductive elements in contact with the ground. Ground connections are established based on local conditions (ground type) and required resistance values.

2. Ground conductor

Provide a conductor connected to the grounding electrode. It is usually uninsulated and has a minimum cross section of 25mm 2 (copper) or 50mm 2 (galvanized steel).

3. Isolation device

Insert it into the ground conductor. Turn on the ground resistance tester to measure the ground.

4. Main grounding terminal

An electrical connection between a ground circuit and a common equipotential link. It can be part of a universal equipotential link or isolation device.

5. General equipotential connection

Located at the installation point and/or entrance of each building. It connects all grounding conductors, main equipotential connections and various protective conductors.

6. Generally, the main equipotential connects conductors

Connect the metal parts of the structure, bus and frame to a general equipotential connection.

7. Main equipotential connection conductor

Connect the conductive component near the main low voltage switchboard to the protective conductor terminal.

8. Main protection conductor

A conductor that connects the main grounding terminal to the main protective conductor terminal.

9.Protect the main terminal or collector of the conductor

This is on the main LV switchboard.

10. Circuit protection conductor

These are determined by the current in each load circuit.

11. Other equipotential links

These are used to ensure the continuity of the protection circuit:

1.Between exposed conductive parts: the cross section is at least the smaller protective conductor cross section of the two exposed conductive parts to be linked.

2. Between the exposed conducting part and the conducting part: the cross section must be at least half of the protective conductor cross section of the exposed conducting part to be connected.

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