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Different open and close operation timing circuit breaker test is an effective method to test circuit breaker, the breaker characteristic tester is not only analysis trip time, and analysis of different operation of each pole in the basic synchronization, it defines how to through the different simulation to test the circuit breaker operation, the simulation can issue commands directly from the circuit breaker analyzer, can also be started via an external signal, check the operation of a single or combination of each pole opening or closing time, and check the possible differences between poles or does not match the time, this can lead to a severe lack of synchronicity.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer

How a circuit breaker is tested using a circuit breaker characteristic tester also depends on the type of possible problem to be identified. This leads to checking other functions. Examples include possible run-out, correct performance of the resistance before insertion, coil condition, and the use of appropriate sensors for mechanical analysis through contact with travel speed and acceleration data.

Circuit breaker characteristics tester, which includes all the above functions required for condition assessment of medium and high voltage circuit breakers; The method of testing the circuit breaker must also take into account the short time the circuit breaker is not working, thus minimizing the setup, connection, and test complexity; All the above factors are considered in the design, and the resistance is measured in the same contact, thus saving a lot of testing time; It also comes with a rechargeable battery, a built-in printer, an easy-to-use touch screen and weighs just 6kg, making it very small and easy to transport.

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