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Fault of dc resistance tester

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Transformer DC resistance tester takes high-speed microprocessor as the core, and uses high-speed A / D converter and program-controlled current source technology to achieve fast measurement results and highly automated measurement functions. It has the advantages of high precision, wide measurement range, stable data and good repeatability. It is an essential product for DC resistance testing of inductive loads.

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Faults and troubleshooting methods of DC resistance tester:

1. No display at startup, the reason is not AC 220V, the processing method is to check the power cord and insurance.

2. The display is abnormal due to the failure of the motherboard or monitor. The solution is to check the computer motherboard or replace the monitor.

3. Insurance is required when charging. The main reason is the current source failure. The treatment method is to replace the constant current switching power supply.

4. Display fault 1. The main reason is hardware circuit failure. The solution is to check the computer motherboard.

5. Display fault 2. The main reason is that the current loop is not connected or the current source is faulty. The solution is to check the wiring.

6. Fault 3 is displayed. The main reason is that the charging current cannot meet the requirements. And the treatment method contact resistance is too large.

In the measurement process of the DC resistance tester, in addition to strictly abiding by the electrical safety regulations and equipment testing regulations, special attention must also be paid to the measurement when the coil temperature is stable and the upper and lower limits are different. The temperature of the transformer oil tank does not exceed 3 . Since the transformer coil has inductance, the charging current during the measurement is unstable. Make sure to count after the current is stable. If necessary, take measures to shorten the charging time. Try to reduce the contact resistance of the wires in the test circuit. Transformer taps in operation are often affected by dirt (such as oil film), resulting in poor contact. Generally, multiple handovers are required to avoid misjudgment.

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