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Test of circuit resistance tester

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Loop resistance tester is a special test equipment for measuring contact resistance and loop resistance of switches, circuit breakers, transformers and other equipment. A typical four-wire measurement method is used to output a DC current between the buttons on both ends of the test object, and measure the voltage drop caused by the current flowing through the test object. Then get the DC resistance of the measured object through the voltage-current ratio.

Micro Ohmmeter.png

1. Connect the test line to the instrument and clamp the sample.

2. Connect the wires (or clamp the grounding clip to the metal part of the box handle).

3. Connect the power supply, turn on the switch, and input the test length correctly.

4.correctly select the test current profile.

5. If the measured current is less than 100A / 200A or zero, check whether the connection circuit is good.

6. If the measurement time is too long and the power supply is unstable, it will be automatically protected. The power can be turned off for a period of time (about 10-20 minutes) to cool the power before it can be.

7. After the measurement is completed, the machine displays the test results. At this time, press the print key to print, press the test key to retest.

8. Before starting the test, you must choose to test the current configuration file! (There is a current selection model).

9. The interval between the two tests is not less than 30 seconds.

10. It is recommended to use the average value of the three tests (the deviation of the test value due to surface oil pollution or poor contact).

11. If the current line is equivalent during the test, the instrument automatically recognizes that the current output control is off and "please check the line."

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