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Storage Requirements for Resistance Tester

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The insulation resistance tester, commonly known as the digital insulation meter, is widely used to measure the insulation resistance of various products. They are often used in routine maintenance procedures to indicate changes in the insulation resistance of the motor over a period of months or years. So to avoid problems, we need to ensure its safety.

1. When the insulation resistance tester is not in use for a long time, the battery should be charged regularly (once a month), and the instrument should be turned off when it is not in use and when it is charged.

2, If the meter failure, should ask full-time maintenance personnel to repair, pay attention to do not open the meter.

3. Storage environment: dry, dust-free and non-corrosive gas.

4. After confirming the wiring, start the test, and the "high voltage output" light is on to indicate high voltage output. At this time, it is forbidden to touch the high-voltage line. During the test, it is forbidden to unplug the test line or short-connect the output. To avoid personal danger and damage to equipment.

5. When testing large capacity capacitive load, ensure sufficient discharge time after the test is completed. The test line can be disassembled after discharge (discharge for extra-large capacitive load should exceed 1 minute).

6. When the internal battery of the insulation resistance tester is used for measurement, the display will be dim or not displayed when the battery is started, indicating that the battery is insufficient. Please turn off the instrument in time and charge it. If the visibility is suitable, please turn off the background light of the LCD (press the "background light" button on the keyboard) to save battery energy (note: when the test display voltage exceeds the selected rated voltage by a lot and cannot be stable for a long time, please disconnect the device to see if the voltage is normal; If it is not normal, please charge, charge full empty test voltage again, the voltage is normal power shortage should be charged in time).

7. When the instrument is not connected to the subject, the measured insulation resistance value generally reaches T level (1T=1000G). This value is generally a random infinite value. Like testing the air, it has no practical meaning.

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