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Deal With Problems of Cable Fault Locator

time:2020/1/29   source:Huatian Electric Power  reading:1030 time

Cable Fault Locator as a high-tech instrument, in the repair of the instrument, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of quotations are possible, usually users are very protective. There are people in charge, people in charge, but don't be too careful. Today's instruments are usually very durable, just pay attention to the use of the method, do not accidentally fall, is not damaged. For the instrument with liquid crystal display, do not press the liquid crystal screen with external force. For the instrument with picture tube, the whole machine should be handled gently. Clean the soil at the end of use to avoid rust. All kinds of test lines of the instrument, the end of use to put the disc neat, do not make a ball, to avoid the next use of the formation of a fault; Need to clarify is that the normal use of the instrument, will not affect the instrument life, so the user should learn more, in order to improve the test skills. If the instrument is powered by a dry battery, replace the battery regularly to avoid battery leakage damage to the instrument. If it is a rechargeable battery, when it is not used for a long time, it is usually necessary to give the battery enough power before storage, and charge the instrument from scratch after about 3 months. Use lead-acid battery power, pay attention to do not use up the battery, to avoid the battery can not be recharged.

In fact, power cable fault tester in the event of problems, most of the situation is to the manufacturers to carry out after-sales service, because after all, this is a technical product, but also belong to mechanical products. If it is not repaired by a professional, further damage will be caused to the equipment, so once the problem is found, immediately notify the manufacturer, let them arrange professional personnel to repair. In addition to this reason, there is also the manufacturers in order to ensure their own interests, is not about the maintenance of equipment knowledge to customers too much. However, if the customer has the demand, the manufacturer will still inform, so that will bring great convenience to both sides.

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